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Functional Medicine Chiropractor

Most people think to go to a chiropractor for low back pain and headaches. While very true and a great choice of treatment for those issues I offer a much broader approach to your health. Clinical experience has shown me that not all ails can be fixed with just the chiropractic manipulation. I have studied extensively in nutrition and functional aspects of health. My practice sees patients with many functional issues. Examples are: gut dysbiosis, thyroid conditions, adrenal fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, neurological symptoms, infertility, cyclical migraines, female hormone imbalance, add, adhd, and many more.

The initial examination reveals weak links in the body as a whole. Every body process works to maintain homeostasis and function for everything we do. If your gut health is horrible you can and most likely will experience fatigue, depression and anxiety. I can identify these weak links through Applied Kinesiology (AK) testing and advanced blood work. The body must be balanced in all organs and organ systems to function properly and efficiently.

Let's take an example, a female patient age 40 comes in with fatigue, irregular menstrual cycles and back pain. During the initial examination we go through a typical chiropractic examination, structural, mechanical, and musculo-skeletal. That is only 1 piece of the puzzle, how does fatigue and irregular cycles contribute to the back pain? We can use AK testing to determine if female hormones are not balanced, and continue our organ scan to determine if fatigue is caused by a gastro-intestinal (GI) issue. GI inflammation leads to chronic inflammation in the entire body, so that back pain is worse because her body is already inflamed therefore any restriction in joint motion causes more pain as inflammation rushes in! At this point I can recommend advanced blood work if needed, which can be drawn right here in our clinic. We also need to find out what foods she is sensitive to at this time. With GI inflammation we usually have leaky gut syndrome where her body is creating antibodies to food because the food particles are undigested and passing through the small intestine without being broken down properly. I can test through AK or IgA and IgG through our lab. We can then tailor her diet to restrict those foods causing GI inflammation. Next is a supplement plan, as you notice in the picture there are a ton of supplements on the market for any condition, but there are a ton of supplements for specific conditions as well. So what works best with HER system. AK testing can reveal which supplements are going to work best to heal the GI tract and also bring female hormones into balance. There are thousands of different combination supplements for aiding in GI health. One patient may need an enzyme combination, one may need only one enzyme. Probiotics will be needed but which strains? AK testing can determine which product is right for each patient.

I am also certified in acupuncture as a Fellow in the Acupuncture Society of America. Acupuncture is such a great technique to heal the inner energy flow. I have seen it work miracles in patients. This is another piece of the functional medicine protocol. During the initial examination I can determine if there is disruption in the energy flow through the acupuncture meridiens.

Many patients who report fatigue will also benefit from a detoxification protocol. Ionic cleanse is my choice for mild full body detoxification. This process is simple and helps the patient to rid themselves of free radicals and toxic build up in the system.

A whole body health approach is needed to address the many systemic conditions we see today. My goal is help each and every patient understand their path to health and wellness through natural and effective functional correction for their body!

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