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Nutritional Companies 

At Johnson Chiropractic & Acupuncture we partner with companies that offer the best nutritional supplements in the industry.  We use cutting edge lab testing through Vibrant America and Cell Science Systems!

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Farm Soul Greens

Farm Soul greens are formulated to provide a full spectrum whole food multivitamin.  Farm Soul greens boast 30 billion probiotics per serving, digestive enzyme and a very high antioxidant level.  The best greens on the market and formulated by Dr. Kirk Johnson DC!


Haley Nutrition

Haley Nutrition has a great greens superfood product IAGreens and the best vegan protein powder on the market.  These are very intelligently designed supplements that are very pure!  

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Vibrant Wellness is our lab testing partner.  They offer many testing panels including gut health, cardiac health, gluten sensitivity, food sensitivity, micronutrient, and many more.  Please visit their website to get more information or call the office and we can deterrmine what testing is right for you!



Emerson Ecologics is a distributor of high quality nutritional supplements.  Wellevate is their new portal that allows you to order practitioner grade products and have them shipped directly to your door!  If you have any questions on nutritional supplements please contact us!

sour lemon beverage co.
On Tap daily at Our Clinic.
Sour Lemon Beverage is a local Kansas City company that create delicious, gut-healthy,  apple cider vinegar drinks!  The company is owned by Dr. Johnson's wife, Callen Johnson. Don't be surprised to see some of  Sour Lemon's top employees (aka. the Johnson kids) in the clinic, as the production facility for Sour Lemon Beverage is  located in the back of Johnson Chiropractic.
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