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What lifestyle is right for you?

First off, I don't like the word diet. If you change your eating habits for a month then revert back to what you were doing before you end up in the same place. The better term is lifestyle. What lifestyle changes are you working on in 2018? A huge part of that is your daily intake of not only macro but micro nutrients.

The problem is this, you will get 1 million opinions on which "diet" is best for you, but how do you really know. The most popular diet's that we hear about are ketogenic diet, paleo diet, whole 30 (strict paleo), and mediterranian diet. Each person will react to foods differently, that is why it is imperative to understand what your body will react to best.

In my practice I end up recommending a blend of many diets, specifically avoiding food sensitivities and understand pro and anti inflammatory foods. Each diet listed about has it perks, but we must diagnose and understand what your body can handle at its current state of health (or lack thereof).

There are many ways to diagnose food sensitivities. In the office we can utilize Applied Kinesiology testing to determine what foods are causing an immune reaction in the body. There are also lab tests such as IgG and IgA food sensitivity testing. This is where a food in introduced to the immune marker and you see if there is an antibody reaction. If your immune system produces antibodies to certain food they are causing not only gastro-intestinal inflammation but systemic inflammation that will hinder weight loss and metabolism. We offer the lab testing for food sensitivities in the office as well.

I have mentioned it before, but if you have GI issues you will have a very hard time losing weight, or maintaining optimum performance in the human body. See my blog post about leaky gut and zonulin!

Actionable steps to prime your body to lose weight and improve overall health:

1. Health assessment to look for underlying issues especially in the gastro-intestinal tract

2. Identify foods that you are sensitive to at this time (AK testing or lab work)

3. Nutritional supplement plan tailored to your bodies immediate needs

4. Meal planning and preparation. You can't stick with anything if you don't prepare.

5. Movement! Your body is made to move so you need to find some type of exercise that you like

6. Commitment. It took years to get where you are and it will take hard work and dedication to get to where you want to be.

If you feel lost in all of this we have a great event for you. Alliance will be having a free lunch and panel discussion at 12:00pm Thursday January 25th. You will be served healthy nutritious food and can ask questions to me, Adi Shamir our integrative nutritionist, and Heather McCoy our in house RN and massage therapist. We are located at 15445 Metcalf Ave. Overland Park, KS 66223. Our office number is 913-825-2550.

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