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The end of the year is quickly approaching, and for many of us we look back at what we did accomplish and also those goals that were put on the back burner. Many of us will start to gather a plan for the new year, and that likely includes tackling health and wellness. I know for many of my patients it is a daunting task. The good news is we are here to help!

The first steps to improving your wellness is to start an actionable plan. I like to call it wellness, to me it means you are working towards a path that not only can heal you ailments, but bring inner peace and calm. The mental aspect of health that comes along with physical change is very important.

Let's talk an actionable plan to attain wellness:

  • Comprehensive new patient examination to determine how to start this path.

  • Identify foods that are hindering your progress toward healing

  • Identify the proper nutritional supplements to aid in healing

  • Advanced laboratory testing. This will be determined during the initial visit

  • Nutritional meal planning, easy recipes to follow so you don't get off track

  • Detoxification, this can be through massage therapy, ionic cleanse therapy and clean eating. This usually involves a combination of these techniques

  • Movement, physical activity is imperative not only for health but for mental wellness.

  • A combined approach from multiple wellness practitioner that will be your advocates for wellness.......all under one roof!

The facility where my practice is located combines multiple wellness practitioners in the same building. We all collaborate to help aid patients and clients become the best version of themselves. The facility is called Alliance. We are all excited to combine our knowledge for our patients.

To start on this path, I'd recommend we get a plan together BEFORE January so that you are ready to take your actionable steps to wellness.

The following are our wellness practitioners. We are all in this together for our patients with your wellness goals in mind!

Heather McCoy RN, LMT is our in house massage therapist and phlebotomist. She is a wonderful massage therapist and will be an integral part of progress in your journey!

Adi Shamir is our nutrition coach. She will come up with tailor made meal plans, cooking demonstrations and consulting. This is where many patients slide in the path to wellness, they simply need a meal plan to help them stay on track!

Bill Leavitt is the mastermind over in the fitness area. He can tailor make a work out plan to meet every patients needs.

Ryan Bell, Angela Stallings, Liz Trussel, Deron Carlis, and Michael Yabut are all professional personal trainers that will come up with the best exercise plan for you.

Erin Ward is our pilates instructor, and a great motivator. She offers many class times and will encourage you every step of the way.

Andrew Deboest is our in house physical therapist. He is integral for our rehab patients that have suffered an unfortunate injury.

Janine Young is our golf fitness professional. She is a certified Titleist Performance Institute instructor. She can tailor make your golf specific workout plan and identify swing faults.

Please follow and like our Facebook pages. We will be posting New Year specials that will include many of the services above. From all of us here at Alliance, we wish you a Happy and Healthy 2018!

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