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Gluten sensitivity with Intestinal Permeability lab testing.

Gluten and wheat sensitivity is increasing at a rapid rate. I know some people think it may be a fad, and gluten-free is the new buzz word in many circles. Gluten itself is pro-inflammatory, and many studies have shown an increase in Zonulin even in patients that don't have the markers for gluten and wheat intolerance. (see my previous blog post about zonulin for more info)

A simple IgG food sensitivity test for wheat is not going to reveal the entire picture of what is going on in the GI tract. If a patient presents with abdominal discomfort, auto-immune disorder, thyroid disorder, fatigue, depression, and anxiety we must understand the gut permeability and give solid recommendations on nutritional supplementation and dietary modification. This is where a lot of practitioners fail, they scratch the surface of healing the gut but don't delve deep enough to fully get the patient on their path to wellness.

Vibrant Wellness Wheat Zoomer is an advanced panel that will show gluten, gliadin, intestinal permeability, non-gluten, and celiac markers. These are all important to understand the functioning of the intestines. Celiac genetics are tested as well, DQ2 and DQ8 specifically. The DQ2 haplotype confers the single highest genetic risk for celiac disease. DQ8 also confers a major risk, but not as high as DQ2.

This is very "medical" and hard to digest in a blog post. Every test we offer in the clinic includes a 30 minute report of finding with me. I will explain each and every marker that is found, and we will together come up with a game plan with nutritional supplements and foods to avoid. I'm happy to announce as well I am teaming up with Adi Shamir who will tailor make a meal plan for you based on our results. She will even invite you in her home for cooking demonstrations to give you the tools to follow your specific dietary plan.

The Wheat Zoomer panel price is $450, again it includes a 30 minute report of findings once test results are in.

If you'd like more information on the Wheat Zoomer or any other advanced testing panel please call me at 913-825-2550!

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